Integrated network solutions

The successful integration of technology into a business requires in-depth knowledge of the technology as well as the client’s business requirements and demands.

Sigma Technical Services takes a structured, customer–centric business approach to solving our clients’ business infrastructure problems.

Fire and safety systems

Being able to integrate fire detection and fire suppression systems into a building’s overall security and surveillance system ensures that you are immediately in control of any potential fire hazard. Using highly sensitive smoke detection systems, conventional smoke and heat detection systems, heat sensitive thermal imaging and infra-red camera systems we can design and install a package that will conform to your requirements and work in conjunction with your current or future safety systems.

Public address and general alarm systems

Public Address and General Alarm (PAGA) systems can be found in any large building, site, vessel or platform. They are one of the most important methods of communication across a wide area during normal operations or in emergency situations. Their use in raising alarms, mustering and indicating evacuation routes makes them an essential component of any site safety system.

Sigma Technical Services can design, supply and install any scale of PAGA system to suit your needs, interface it with your other systems and recommend the correctly rated ancillary equipment such as EX sounders and beacons.

Elevator control management

Elevator Access Control systems allow people access to certain floors within a scheduled time frame. The system can control one or more elevator controllers in a system. It provides a range of system authority for users. By issuing an identification device to each person in the facility, you can use the system to limit access to certain floors to authorized people. Elevator access can depend on the user’s classification, the time of day and which elevator is being approached. By using one or more of these attributes, you can create elevator access control policies that are extremely flexible and secure.

Power redundancy systems

Contemporary offices and buildings demand a permanent power supply to ensure their various systems are functioning correctly.

Sigma Technical Services can engineer a bespoke system to suit your company’s unique requirements to allow you to fully maintain your business activity with the least amount of down-time and therefore protecting your business and your clients.

Lighting systems

Sigma Technical Services’ engineering team can design unique lighting systems based on your business’ individual requirements taking into account additional factors such as power usage, health and safety requirements and the environmental aspects of the chosen solution.

Data centre infrastructure

Data centres with their high value data storage demand exact and precise equipment, specialized temperature and environmental requirements, unique flooring and ceiling structures and quick responding fire and safety protection systems to ensure the data remains secure.

Sigma Technical Services with its experience with large banks and telephone service providers can provide you with exceptional and effective solutions for any sized requirement.

Environmental monitoring systems

Monitoring and controlling the environmental systems in buildings and workplaces requires variable solutions for different situations.  From a general office environment to a demanding manufacturing area or laboratory each one has its own individual variables such as temperature, humidity, air filtration, air flow.