Access control

Using access control we can implement selective restriction of access to a place, system or resource utilizing technologies ranging from basic and semi-intelligent readers using smart cards to biometric readers using unique human attributes for identification.

With our experienced engineers and technicians Sigma Technical Services can design, supply and install a turnkey access control system to suit your needs using a wide range of access technologies.

Intrusion detection systems

Modern intrusion detection systems have evolved from being reactive to proactive and are now focused on protecting sensitive or critical areas before the perimeter area has been breached.

Using detection technologies such as active ground radar technologies combined with vibration, acoustics, ground vibration sensors and infrared cameras, allows for  detection before intrusion to sensitive facilities. Sigma Technical Services can integrate these systems with other complementary security suites to provide a fully integrated beyond perimeter detection security solution.

Conventional CCTV systems

Security has become a day to day requirement for businesses of all sizes, some demand high security with highly sophisticated and intelligent systems that incorporate video analysis wide area coverage such as factories, refineries and offshore platforms and pipelines, achieving coverage in hazardous environments existing in the Oil & Gas sector in addition to subsea cameras for underwater operations monitoring.

Sigma has been involved in the design and implementation of turnkey solutions for such type of systems, utilizing leading manufacturers of cameras, and camera control systems, fiber optics and digital video recording systems with high storage capacity allowing for real time recording of sensitive areas. As a systems integrator we design cost effective solutions to suite the client’s requirements for CCTV systems, whether it’s a highly complex system or a small business requirement.

IP surveillance systems

IP networks have been evolving during the past decade to become a multipurpose platform for many different applications one of which has become surveillance applications utilizing IP Based cameras which allow for digital transmission of images in addition to control signals and power on a single cable.

This allows for cost savings by utilizing the same IP network infrastructure used for servers and workstations. This application allows for desktop monitoring through software for the installed cameras. Digital storage is simplified by adapting the normal data storage facilities for image storage, combined with H.264 compression gives high storage capabilities without quality degradation.

This convergence also allows ease of integration with other security systems software such as access control and intruder detection systems which are moving to the IP environment as well. Industrial grade switches allow for in the field deployment of this technology.

High quality full frame rate IP cameras have emerged in the market with definitions as high as 16Megapixels allowing recording of very highly detailed images. Such images allow the reading of small printed information at a distance.

Our team has the ability to design and implement such high definition systems for bank applications and large area monitoring such as bus terminals and airport terminals, in addition to immigrations applications such as registering incoming and outgoing passengers with high quality pictures for further applications such as facial recognition.

Digital recording

Many events that happen during business activities impact the business both in positive and negative ways. The event could be of a voice nature such as a radio or phone conversation or visually as security CCTV systems.

Recording events has proven vital for later analysis to avoid the negative issues and promote the positive ones. Previously recording was carried out on magnetic tape media which was limited both in quality and lifespan. The current digital technology allows for a more robust means of recording both voice and video.

Sigma has the expertise in enterprise level digital voice recording systems that allow for more than 128 simultaneous audio channels in a single unit for more than 30 days with the ability to extract information as and when needed. These systems are used as a safety system for incidents that might happen, as well as quality control for a sales force team while interacting with the different clients.

Sigma offers solutions for interfacing to most popular PABX systems both analog and digital trunks and extensions in addition to IP telephony systems.

Sigma also offers digital video recording for applications such as service desk monitoring for banks and other direct customer related businesses. This in addition to the security and safety monitoring of facilities and site works giving both a quality and security aspect to the digital recording solution.

Mustering and POB safety systems

The offshore environment is filled with dangers and security risks for oil and gas workers.  A combination of remote locations, complex equipment and the production of highly explosive resources makes offshore oil and gas platforms some of the world’s most hazardous work environments. Electronic systems provide the ability to track the location of on-board personnel, as well as speeding up muster times during emergencies and adding an extra layer of security.

Automatic numberplate recognition system

Automatic number plate recognition is a surveillance method that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates. It can use existing closed-circuit television or ones specifically designed for the task. It can be used as a method for cataloguing the movements of traffic or individuals on and off a work site or secure area.

ANPR can be used to store the images captured by the cameras as well as the text from the license plate, with some configurable to store a photograph of the driver. Systems commonly use infrared lighting to allow the camera to take the picture at any time of the day